Planning and architecture

The following principle applies with respect to our planning: bundled not scattered. We combine the planning services of all specialist divisions in our integral planning.

The preconception that construction using standardised elements also goes hand in hand with standardised design options stubbornly persists. GOLDBECK buildings prove the opposite every day.

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Car Park Windmüller

PTW Technologies

Porta Möbel

Verbindungsgang zum Bestandsgebäude als neuer Hauptzugang mit Pfosten-Riegelfassaden und PORTA-Eingangsportal.

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Our products

Our product range is broadly diversified but the starting point for our work is always the same: GOLDBECK builds on the basis of industrially pre-fabricated system components – fast, economical and turnkey.

"Common interfaces clarified smoothly and without complication, short paths, brief consultations; the responsible specialist departments enjoyed excellent cooperation with GOLDBECK construction and project management."
Herr Hartmut Linnekugel | Mayor of Volkmarsen

Our services

GOLDBECK supports owners and investors above and beyond the construction process. For example, in the selection of a suitable site and its development, in creating economic concepts and in property marketing. GOLDBECK Gebäudemanagement will, on request, take care of your property after the keys have been handed over and thus maintain the long-term value for you. GOLDBECK Procenter GmbH supplements our services in the area of property and centre management.



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