GOLDBECK Renovation

Leveraging potential

Existing buildings often impress owing to their excellent location. GOLDBECK Bauen im Bestand GmbH converts these older buildings architecturally and in terms of energy use into modern properties – and thereby gives them a future. We analyse the potential of a building and provide the customer with a decision-making basis, whether demolition and rebuilding or core and/or partial reconstruction is the right variant for the property. We handle the dismantling and extension work, design facades aesthetically and in a meaningful way in terms of energy use and modernise the building technology, if necessary even without interrupting ongoing operation. We therefore rouse old buildings from their deep slumber, adapt them to suit new utilisation requirements and thereby increase their value.

Components of complex revitalisation measures:

  • Analytical property classification
  • Collection of asset information
  • Examination of the building structure Examination of the existing building technology
  • Change of use applications
  • Provision of alternative sites
  • Process organisation and scheduling
  • Selection of appropriate materials
  • Architectural integration

After picture sketches

Schools and sports halls

A meaningful spatial arrangement. Light. A good room ambience. Contemporary technical fittings. Many factors contribute to a school being a place where pupils are happy to learn, where children have a sense of well-being. An environment that allows them to happily embark on a successful future. And one that is also right up to date with 21st century energy use.

After conversion/before conversion pictures

Industrial and logistics halls

A hall should be constructed according to the operational processes and not vice versa. Revitalisation offers opportunities, for example through preparation of the hall floor or use of modern sectional doors and dock levellers. And of course during ongoing operation.

After conversion/before conversion pictures

Office and business premises

"Come on in" as opposed to "No, thank you" – this should be the external impact of a modern business premises. And in the case of offices also: a fresh, modern atmosphere is more conducive to working. Revitalisation can improve old room structures and make them more flexible, while high-quality materials create attractiveness inside and out.

After conversion/before conversion pictures

[Translate to Englisch:] Fachmärkte und Einkaufszentren

Modern shopping centres do better business because consumers want to take a closer look inside. Who wants to buy the latest merchandise in a dated atmosphere? Forms and colours also convey the corporate design. Yet the inner values must also be right. Intelligent building technology therefore acts very discreetly in the background to provide for a good shopping atmosphere – in the truest sense of the word.

After conversion/before conversion pictures

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