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Speed is of the essence for logistics. And this is especially true in construction. Thanks to systematic processes and components, GOLDBECK is especially fast when it comes to planning and construction. But we also embody the characteristics of a good logistics provider, i.e. reliability, flexibility, security and cost-effectiveness. We know the sector best. That's why we build halls that offer plenty of space for transport, order picking and storage with minimal use of supports. We take account of the special requirements of our customers when it comes to building automation and customise our halls precisely to suit the goods handling – for example with automatic storage and transport links or loading technology as an interface for buildings and trucks. To ensure your goods flow is smooth and efficient.

GOLDBECK logistics halls – our project in Volkmarsen

The hall space of our project in Volkmarsen equates to 13 football pitches!


  • 170,000 m² property
  • 90,000 m² logistics centre
  • approx. 550 reinforced concrete supports
  • 1450 tonnes of steel for roof support structures

Two rail connections (total track length of 1 km), office space and a connecting annex with tunnels and a shelter are to be implemented additionally for the existing property. As experts in the field of logistics halls, we know the requirements of the sector and tailor our hall constructions precisely to these needs. Large surface areas with just a small number of interior supports provide lots of scope for custom interior design, while especially level floors ensure safe use of forklifts. Reliability, flexibility, security and cost-effectiveness are the quality features by which companies in the area of transport and logistics have always had to be measured. GOLDBECK logistics halls – constructed cost-effectively in a very short construction period – provide the ideal setting.

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