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Porta Möbel

Verbindungsgang zum Bestandsgebäude als neuer Hauptzugang mit Pfosten-Riegelfassaden und PORTA-Eingangsportal.

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Car Park Windmüller

Prime One

Fassadengestaltung mit bodentiefen orangefarbenen Paneelen als gestalterisches Element.

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One SubSea

Haupteingang mit großer, geschoßübergreifenden Vordachkonstruktion mit schrägen Seitenwänden. Vollformatige...

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Individual construction solutions for industrial and commercial applications

Functionality, flexibility and cost-effectiveness – these are the requirements for contemporary hall construction. We build production halls with a bright, open working atmosphere, freight forwarding halls and warehouses – also temperature controlled – specialist markets and shopping centres. We also develop complex presentation and exhibition centres with a variety of add-on functions. We can fit a solar system to the hall structure on request and also take care of outdoor facilities.

Holistic concepts

Planning, technology, execution and service under one roof

Constructing a hall is a complex task


  • Selecting the appropriate premises
  • Material flow planning
  • Integral construction planning
  • Construction process

This often leads to long-term management of the property. As general contractor, GOLDBECK coordinates the individual tasks and thereby minimises interfaces.

SystemZentrum facilities

Tangible and comprehensible solutions and examples

The demonstration and experimental centres for element-based construction in Bielefeld and Hirschberg near Heidelberg provide visual evidence of the benefits that industrial pre-fabrication offers for our clients. The 1:1 scale of the open construction of the GOLDBECK construction systems shows the visitor the modular construction method and the flexible utilisation options that these enable.

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