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Mannheim – the city of the squares – which gets its name from the layout of its streets and avenues in a grid pattern, ranks among the leaders in city comparisons in terms of economic power, employment development, quality of life, retail or real-estate market. The reputation of being one of the most attractive economic regions throughout Germany has been rightly earned by the region on the Neckar – culturally supported by one of the most magnificent Baroque castles in Germany.

Multipark Mönchhof

Multipark DHL

Our services

Modular construction with a system

More than 1,200 system details define our construction system and offer individual solutions for your construction project.



SystemZentrum facilities

Tangible and comprehensible solutions and examples

The demonstration and experimental centres for element-based construction in Bielefeld and Hirschberg near Heidelberg provide visual evidence of the benefits that industrial pre-fabrication offers for our clients. The 1:1 scale of the open construction of the GOLDBECK construction systems shows the visitor the modular construction method and the flexible utilisation options that these enable.

Integrated building services

Prudent operation – lower operating costs

Thanks to our facility and property management, we operate and manage real-estate especially economically, while our technical service offers operational certainty.


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