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Dynamic centre of the East Westphalia-Lippe region

Founded in 1214, Bielefeld has developed into a modern metropolis city on a "linen thread" as it were. 330,000 people live here and make Bielefeld one of the 20 largest cities in Germany. East Westphalia-Lippe is one of the strongest economic regions in Germany with some 140,000 companies, one million employees and a gross domestic product of more than 600 billion euros annually.

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Modular construction with a system

More than 1,200 system details define our construction system and offer individual solutions for your construction project.

"Germany is our largest market. That's why we produce locally – and with the utmost efficiency."
Jan-Hendrik Goldbeck | Managing Director GOLDBECK GmbH

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Integrated building services

Prudent operation – lower operating costs

Thanks to our facility and property management, we operate and manage real-estate especially economically, while our technical service offers operational certainty.


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