Who we are – what drives us

GOLDBECK is a family business in the second generation. Even that speaks volumes about our identity. That's because as a family business we represent special values: humanity, responsibility and willingness to serve. We think long-term and not in terms of quarterly results. We grow from our own strengths and not from outside influences. We are economically independent and want to remain so.

Our cooperation is characterised by trust and responsibility. We express our trust in our employees so that they can act independently and accept responsibility. The three principles of design, build, service determine how we act. Modular construction with a system is the basis for our success. The satisfaction of our customers is our yardstick.

GOLDBECK is technology-driven.

Engineers have made our company grow to what it is. Steel and concrete are at our core, modular construction with a system is our operating principle. This is one side.

GOLDBECK is customer-driven.

Dedicated employees have made our company grow to what it is. Understanding of customer needs is at our core together with enthusiasm for aesthetics and economic efficiency. A culture of customer proximity and responsibility is our operating principle. This is the other side.

Together both sides form a whole. Together they define our strength.

"The ability of our employees to act independently is an important aspect of our corporate success in a highly complex and dynamic world."
Jürgen Eggers | HR Manager, GOLDBECK GmbH

Sustainable corporate management

The profile of any family business is as unique as a fingerprint. Sustainability – both economic and ecological – is an important aspect of our profile.

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