Preface from the executive board

We at GOLDBECK have shared common values ever since the company was founded in 1969. They form the basis for the decisions we make.


Humanity, responsibility and a passion for performance are the values that form the basis of our family business. These three core values distinguish our company and the way we treat our clients, business partners, suppliers and employees.

GOLDBECK’s Compliance Guidelines contain stipulations for compliance with national and international legislation, rules and regulations, and standards of ethical conduct. These guidelines are the basis for ongoing successful collaboration and the sustained growth of our company. They serve as a supplement to our GOLDBECK Corporate Guidelines, which outline our identity, goals and the standards for our actions. .


The regulations stipulated here are also accessible to, and binding for, our clients and business partners.

Compliance is the responsibility of all employees at our company. That’s why managers, besides serving as role models, also have the task of ensuring that the employees under their supervision are familiar with the Compliance Guidelines, remain conscious of them and observe them. This requires personal meetings as well as organisational measures. Parallel to this, as part of our digitalisation efforts, we will be implementing workflows that ensure our employees are always trained in the latest GOLDBECK Compliance Guidelines.

Violations against the Compliance Guidelines will not be tolerated. They can be reported via our Complaint Management System. The management at GOLDBECK undertakes to guarantee that the specified standards are implemented in the entire company and put into practice with our employees, clients and subcontractors.

We comply with national and international laws and are committed to ethical conduct